Tip Calculator

After a lovely meal, the last thing you want to be doing is mathematic calculations at the table. Let my JavaScript tip calculator do the work for you.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I created this JavaScript game for a frontendmentor.io challenge. I diviated from the original project by adding a 'Best of Three' feature and comparative scoreboard.


Goodbullgolfcarts.com is a Wordpress website that I am managing and updating for a client. After enlivening their website's aesthetic and developing brand strategies, I continue to keep the site and it's content fresh and functional.


This project was a frontendmentor.io challenge. I made it with HTML5, SCSS/SASS, and JavaScript. The design of this site is absolutely beautiful and looks great on mobile and desktop sizes.


This project was part of a coding challenge I was given for an interview. This was my first time using CSS Grid and SASS and I absolutely fell in love with those technologies while making it.


Kickflipsandkickstands.com is a website that I made for a podcast that I co-host with my friend Danny Infante. This site features a podcast player plugin and social media widgets. Also, give the podcast a listen if you're into skateboarding or motorcycles.


Apollobaymusic.com is a memorial site that I made for a band that I used to be in. Were we the best band ever? That's not for me to say. But the answer is, yes, yes we were. This site features a music and video player and was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.


The goal with this one was to make a tool for myself that I would actually use day-to-day. Mission accomplished. This app converts color codes into rgb, hsl, and hex code formats. This is just version 1, I hope to implement more conversions and complexity in version 2.


A weather app!? Bet you've never heard of one of those before, have you? This app uses the openweathermap api and the geolocation api to bring you the current weather in your location as well as any city in the world.


This pricing component interface was part of a challenge on frontendmentor.io. This pricing interface features a custom range input slider and pricing toggle. I don't have a witty description for this one. It just is what it is.


This tiny project was also a part of a frontendmentor.io challenge. It's responsive, it's stylish, it's got info on different styles of cars. What more could you ask for?


BlocJams is a music player that I made as part of my education at Bloc.io. It's certainly no Spotify but, I learned an insane amount while making it. Also, this was my first major project that I built from start to finish.

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website! As I’m sure you are aware, considering you’re on a website called graysonconnor.com, my name is Grayson Connor. I am 25 years old and I got into web development about 3 years ago. My journey in web development started when I joined a development bootcamp called Bloc.io. At Bloc, I learned the fundamentals of web development and about how deep the world of web dev goes. Soon after my time at Bloc, I was fortunate enough to land a job working at one the biggest tech companies around (not trying to name drop but it rhymes with shmUber). My time at this aforementioned tech giant was actually incredible. I was able to have a hands on role in many areas of the company (P.R., logistics, data analytics, etc.) and I got to see what goes into making a big machine like that function. Alas, after almost 2 years at Uber (ok there, I said it) 2020 happened. Like many others, COVID-19 claimed my job and I suddenly had an abundance of free time.

That’s when I said to myself, “I should get back into coding!” You see, at Uber, we used some basic coding as a problem solving tool but, it was certainly not the main aspect of my role. So “getting back into coding” was really more like, “let’s start coding from scratch again.” That’s when stuff got real. I dove head first into teaching (and reteaching) myself everything I could about web development and coding in general.

That’s where I’m at now. I’m trying to learn and build as much as I can and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m looking forward to building more complex projects but, more importantly, projects that are truly useful in someones everyday life and work. I’ll keep this site updated with projects that I’ve completed and with projects I’m currently working on. If you’re interested in my skills or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. Thanks for checking me out!